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Gold Leaf Tobacco Corporation

About Gold Leaf Tobacco

Gold Leaf Tobacco holds the distribution rights for the following brands : Voyager, RG, Chicago, Sahawi, Sharp and Savannah. We manufacture cigarettes of high quality in South Africa for both the South African and export markets. We have developed and continue to maintain relationships with all major wholesalers, chain stores, franchise distribution centres as-well as independent wholesalers and retailers. We have always focused on growing our distribution network and targeting all sectors of the wholesale and retail markets Our dedicated marketing team continue to create, implement and maintain successful campaigns using proven methods within the guidelines set out by legislation in an ever changing competitive environment; underpinned by a philosophy that has been entrenched in our culture - "Keep the customer updated and informed so that they can make educated decisions regarding our products". Gold Leaf Tobacco is an equal opportunity employer that provides their employees with an environment to challenge themselves whereby developing and in this manner our company continues to excel and grow. Our corporate vision is simple - "Continue to improve the quality of our service thus achieving greater efficiency." We take great pride in the excellent relationships that our people have fostered with our customers and as a result have an ongoing commitment to strengthen these relationships and develop many more. The company operates in an industry that is strictly governed worldwide and as an independent competes with giant Multinational Corporations for a share of the local market, which is made further complex by the dumping of counterfeit and illegal products. As a result the company is committed to best business practice operating responsibly and exercising prudent sound financial judgment and management.


We are also a full service contract manufacturer and are able to produce various blends and variants of high quality cigarettes. Our contract manufacturing customers value our know-how and capabilities with their products. Our stringent control procedures ensure that our customers are satisfied with the efficiency and quality of the product that we supply. We lay great importance on customer services that is why we support and advise our customers in development of products and ranges.


We embody an overall commitment to excellence and strive to conduct ourselves ethically and respectfully. Co-operation and teamwork are key factors that drive our organisation.


Our mission is to be the manufacturer of choice for all customers by providing the best quality tobacco products and reliable service.


To excel not only in the sales, productivity and profitability but also in taking care of the well being of our clients and employees.